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Spay & Neuter

Pet Time Animal Hospital offers cat and dog spay and neuter procedures that our experienced veterinarians can perform to keep you pet as healthy as possible! We can schedule consultations to discuss the best age to spay or neuter your pets. Our practice uses the highest quality anesthesia and surgery protocols tailored to your pet and performs pre-anesthetic screenings on all pets to ensure safety and have your pet recovering smoothly.

Why get your pets spayed or neutered?
Our team of veterinary surgeons at Pet Time Animal Hospital can perform spaying and neutering procedures efficiently and safely. You can expect the following benefits by getting your pets spayed or neutered:

  • Better Health: Spaying and neutering are useful to reduce or prevent certain types of cancer, uterine infections, and testicular and prostate problems in your pets.
  • Prevents Unexpected Pregnancy: Pet overpopulation is a big problem, spaying and neutering your pets helps to prevent unwanted pregnancy and help control the population issue.
  • Better Behavior: Spaying and neutering your pets is known for promoting better health and behavior. It can help to reduce inter-pet aggression, undesirable urine marking, and roaming behaviors.

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