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Getting through surgery can be a difficult time for both the pet and the pet parents. We try to make it easier for you with the help of our caring and skilled veterinarians and staff who are here to help guide you through the process. We provide routine spay and neuter, growth removals, wound repairs, intestinal and bladder surgeries, and more!

What's included in surgery?
Pet Time Animal Hospital offers comprehensive pet surgery facilities to ensure your pet recovers as quickly as possible

  • Pre-Surgical Tests: Comprehensive testing and evaluation to ensure your pet will be safe to undergo procedures. This can include blood cell counts, organ function and blood clotting tests. We also can perform cardiac screenings!
  • Surgery: Modern surgical equipment and properly sterilized packs and instruments are used to minimize surgery-related risks. Our trained technicians monitor your pet closely during the procedure to alert us to any concerns, this includes heart and respiratory rates, oxygenation, blood pressure, and body temperature.
  • Post-Surgery Care: Our doctors and staff also monitor your pet closely after recovery from surgery and make sure they go home with proper care instructions and pain medication to keep them comfortable.